What Beers Can you Pair with Seafood?

The association, between a seafood dinner and a glass of wine, has existed for so long that we often forget our favorite frothier alcohol can be just as delicious when paired with shellfish or filets! The key to finding the right beer pairing for your meal, similar to finding the right wine pairing, is to make sure the flavors of each element (the drink and the dish) enhance each other — as opposed to canceling the distinctive tastes of each. Without a culinary degree, however, that type of information can be hard to know off the top of one’s head. Luckily, here at Reel Seafood, we’ve put together a handy guide of some of our most delicious beer and seafood combinations. Come try one tonight – cheers!

Oysters on the Half Shell and Guinness Stout

The classic Irish beverage may not seem, at first glance, the ideal companion to this delicately flavored shellfish. However, the roasted, rich taste of the stout is the perfect finish to the briny bites.

Calamari Fritti and Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner

Pilsners are known for their light and crisp flavoring among beer connoisseurs. The same acidity that gives them this particular taste is perfect for providing the winning contrast to the fried batter of this crowd-pleasing appetizer.  

Fall Seared Diver Scallops and the All-In IPA from Druthers Brewery

Scallops are naturally sweet — so the bitterness that comes from the front-and-center hop flavor of an IPA provides the ideal balance for this plate. Plus, this particular IPA comes from Saratoga Springs brewery, Druthers Brewery — so, with each sip, you are supporting a local business!

Article by Molly Moltzen

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