Want to have the best Labor Day Ever?

Could there be any better way to celebrate Labor Day weekend than an outdoor lobster bake with family and friends? If there is, we certainly haven’t found it! It’s the perfect type of party to send-off the summer season — and, better yet, Reel Seafood has you covered when it comes to the cooking.

Our Lobster and Clam Bake specials are back and available for take-out or dine-in. It’s an effortless way to satisfy any crowd and only costs $39 per person. 

With a meal guaranteed to please your guests already in the bag, here are some additional tips to whip up a Labor Day bash that will be one to remember:

  1. Decorate to Reflect the Casual Backyard Theme
    Since a sunny day is already the perfect backdrop, you won’t need to add much to set the mood. Grab a few inexpensive outdoor toys, like tubes of bubbles or a Slip ’N Slide, to keep the kids entertained and blast a long playlist of classic songs to please the parents. Light citronella candles or keep some bug spray on hand to ensure a space with minimal mosquitoes. Don’t have enough outdoor furniture to accommodate all your guests? Spread blankets and quilts on grassy ground areas to further evoke a picnic-like vibe.
  2. Set the Table for Success
    While lobsters are delicious, eating them can be somewhat of a mess. For this reason, a paper-table covering makes the most sense and ensures an easy clean-up. Set out lobster crackers and picks so your hungry guests can be sure to get every last bit of meat — as well as bowls or pails in which to place their discarded shells and peels afterwards. It almost goes without saying that you will need to have plenty of napkins on hand, but including a few additional items as well, such as bibs and wet wipes, will be appreciated by all those messy hands
  3. Beat the Heat with Crafty Cooler Tricks
    Warm weather is certainty an essential part of any outdoor summer celebration. Unfortunately however, that can also result in extreme temperatures. Though you can’t control a rising thermometer, you can prepare a few things in advance to try and make your guests as comfortable as possible. A basket of handheld fans or a pack of cheap washcloths, rolled up and tossed in a cooler of ice water, are quick-grab solutions to keep your company feeling refreshed. And, since the coolers will be out anyway, why not add a small touch to make them far from the ordinary? The day before the party, freeze water balloons to use, instead of ice, to keep your beverages cold — it will be just as effective but much more fun and colorful.

Article by Molly Moltzen

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