Restaurant Spotlight: Meet Executive Chef, Jacob Zachow

Written by Molly Moltzen

It was originally chance that put Reel Seafood’s Executive Chef, Jacob Zachow, into his future career path — when attending Scout Camp at age thirteen, he was assigned to work in the kitchen. Once that happened though, there was no turning back for the Cooperstown native. He worked making meals everywhere, from Oneonta to Boston, before we were lucky enough to have him join our team almost three years ago!

While Chef Zachow is, of course, most passionate about cooking seafood, the flavors he brings to his dishes are particularly inspired by his travels — especially around Asia. He cites the night markets in his wife’s native country of Malaysia as impactful sources of new techniques and tastes for his own cuisine. Even after a long day of cooking at the restaurant, he loves to go home and make a traditional Malaysian dish — such as Chicken and Rice with a Ginger-Chili sauce — for them both to enjoy.

Chef Zachow’s favorite thing about working at Reel Seafood is the freedom he has to expand the menu and develop dishes for our customers to savor. Even more so in the fall, when his favorite seasonal ingredients— such as squash, corn, pumpkin, and apples — are at their peak. Top at his list as well is focusing on using only seafood which is sustainable — or, as he puts it, he loves to cook with any fish he knows “is not in danger of not being around.”

Want to try Chef Zachow’s delicious and unique takes on seafood for yourself? Come into Reel Seafood tonight and experience all the amazing flavors our chef has to offer!

Article by Molly Moltzen

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