All About Sustainable Seafood

Did you know that October is National Seafood Month? At Reel Seafood, we want to kick off the celebration by talking about something important to us as a business – seafood sustainability.

Although you may have heard of the term before, seafood sustainability refers to seafood that is caught or farmed in a way that considers the population of the species being harvested. Marine environments are currently under incredible pressures – whether it be from overfishing or ecological disasters. By choosing to eat at restaurants, like Reel Seafood, we can ensure sustainability and delicious meals for years to come!

How can we become better seafood consumers? A great way to do your part is to download one of the many sustainable seafood guide apps — some of the most popular ones being the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch and the Australian Marine Conservation Society’s Sustainable Seafood Guide. These apps interpret data pulled about fish populations, harm to habitats, harm to other species, and management practices of fisheries to determine what kinds of fish are the most eco-friendly to eat.

As always, at Reel Seafood, you can enjoy the freshest seafood we have to offer — while also practicing sustainability! Make your reservation today and celebrate National Seafood Month the right way!

Article by Molly Moltzen

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