LeGrande Serras


LeGrande Serras, third-generation restaurant owner and serial restaurateur, opened The Reel Seafood Co. in 1984. His family’s humble beginnings instilled in him the importance of giving back, and for four decades LeGrande has worked tirelessly to support the Capital Region’s thriving arts community and the countless human services organizations whose work empowers the disenfranchised.

Employing his special gift for communication — and some shameless prodding LeGrande has raised $20 million as an auctioneer at more than 1,200 charity auctions in the Albany area.

Since selling The Reel Seafood Co. to Faith Takes in 2013, LeGrande has expanded his philanthropic efforts. In addition to his many auctioneering gigs, he speaks to the community and professional groups about the critical role that independent businesses play in building a sustainable community.

Some highlights of his career:

  • Three-time recipient of the Small Businessman of the Year Award (Albany County, Schenectady County and New York State)
  • 2001 Restaurateur of the Year by the New York Restaurant Association
  • Trustee of the New York State Restaurant Association, the former St. Clare's Hospital and the Chamber of Commerce in Albany and Schenectady; trustee emeritus of the Restaurant Operators Cooperative; founded and board member of C.A.F.E., New York State's largest workman's compensation company; corporation member of The Culinary Institute of America

Event Details and Dollars Raised:

  • 3/23/17    Treasures of the Heart Gala, Loudonville Christianville Academy - $8,725
  • 4/1/17      Swinging on a Star Gala, Rivers Casino - $66,100
  • 4/7/17      The Bus Stop Gala, Albany Country Club - $8,350
  • 4/8/17      Doane Stuart Gala, Wolfert's Roost - $130,000
  • 4/21/17    APF Tails by Twilight, Glen Sanders - $37,000
  • 4/22/17    10th Annual Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, Albany Marriott - $10,600
  • 4/27/17    Girl's Inc. 80th Anniversary Dinner, Glens Sanders - $13,450
  • 4/28/17    Wildwood Spring Gala, Albany Capital Center - $71,476
  • 4/29/17    American Cancer Society, Hall of Springs - $17,500
  • 5/11/17    Kidney Foundation, Capital Center - $30,000
  • 5/19/17    Senior Service Award, Wolfert's Roost
  • 6/8/17      Center for Disability Service, Pruyn House
  • 6/24/17    Double H Gala, Great Escape