Gluten Free Dinner Menu

Raw Bar

SEAFOOD TOWER | 60 serves 2-3 ppl | 120 serves 4-6 ppl gluten-free-icon-xsmall
Chilled Maine lobster, oysters, colossal shrimp, clams, Green Lip mussels, King crab legs served with lemon and a variety of sauces.

COLOSSAL SHRIMP COCKTAIL | 14 gluten-free-icon-xsmall
Lemon, horseradish cream, cocktail sauce.

OYSTERS ON THE HALF SHELL | Market gluten-free-icon-xsmall
We carry an array of East Coast and West Coast oysters which change daily according to freshness and availability. Ask your server for details on today's selection.

CHERRYSTONE CLAMS | 13 gluten-free-icon-xsmall
6 served on the half shell with lemon and classic mignonette.

LITTLENECK CLAMS | 13 gluten-free-icon-xsmall
12 served on the half shell with lemon and classic migonette.

MERMAID MIX | 15 gluten-free-icon-xsmall
Choose six pieces from the following: Blue Point oyster, Cherrystone clam, Green Lip mussels, colossal shrimp.


SEARED SCALLOP DUO | 16 gluten-free-icon-xsmall
one Cajun seared, one sweet seared with a carrot ginger purée, basil pesto with a carrot & beet salad tossed with sesame oil & scallions. 

LITTLENECK CLAM STEAMERS | 15 gluten-free-icon-xsmall
Bakers dozen, drawn butter and lemon.

P.E.I. MUSSELS | 10 gluten-free-icon-xsmall
Simply sautéed in our zesty house made marinara sauce -or- sautéed with garlic, pancetta, white wine & basil.

Soup & Salads

HOUSE | 6 gluten-free-icon-xsmall
Mixed greens, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, Gruyère cheese, choice of dressing.

SUMMER SALAD | 11gluten-free-icon-xsmall
field greens & baby arugula tossed with blueberry white balsamic vinaigrette, candied pecans, chévre cheese, fresh strawberries , raspberries & blueberries.

BOSTON WEDGE | 9 gluten-free-icon-xsmall
Butter lettuce, Anjou pear, candied walnut, craisins, blue cheese dressing.

SHELLFISH COBB | 23 gluten-free-icon-xsmall
Perfect to share! Shrimp, lobster, lump crab, bacon, avocado, tomato, blue cheese, hard boiled egg, lemon cream vinaigrette.

Lobster & Crab

Served with lemon and drawn butter.

LIVE MAINE LOBSTER | 24 per pound gluten-free-icon-xsmall
Variety of sizes available.

ALASKAN KING CRAB | 20 per half pound gluten-free-icon-xsmall

BROILED TAILS  SINGLE | 30  TWIN | 55 gluten-free-icon-xsmall
Your choice of 8oz or twin 8oz.

Chefs Compositions

NORTH ATLANTIC SALMON | 28 gluten-free-icon-xsmall
Pan seared with basmati rice, daikon mango mint salad, dressed with sesame white balsamic vinaigrette.

BONELESS SHORT RIBS | 36 gluten-free-icon-xsmall
slow braised in chianti demi over creamy mashed potato.

SEARED DIVER SCALLOPS | 36 gluten-free-icon-xsmall
seared & served with gorgonzola blue polenta, cranberry pomegranate glaze..

SEAFOOD JAMBALAYA | 30 gluten-free-icon-xsmall
Gulf shrimp, scallops & fish emice simmered in a zesty marinara sauce with sweet bell peppers over rice.

CAJUN SWORDFISH | 28 gluten-free-icon-xsmall
lightly dusted Cajun grilled, plantain queso fresco polenta, coconut, pineapple & tomato relish.

ALASKAN HALIBUT | 26 gluten-free-icon-xsmall
grilled with a bacon asparagus tri-color couscous & roasted golden beet frisee salad.

CIOPPINO | 35 gluten-free-icon-xsmall
1/2 Maine lobster, diver scallops, tender gulf shrimp, P.E.I. mussels, clams, King crab legs in a tomato-fennel broth.

SURF & TURF | 58
8 oz. filet & 8 oz. lobster tail.

GRILLED WHOLE FISH | MKT gluten-free-icon-xsmall
Ask your server for details on today's selection. Mediterranean or Creole style for an additional | 7.

From the Sea & Land

Simply prepared and served with choice of one sauce and one side.

AHI TUNA | 30 gluten-free-icon-xsmall

ALASKAN HALIBUT | 32gluten-free-icon-xsmall

ATLANTIC SALMON | 26gluten-free-icon-xsmall

DIVER SCALLOPS | 33 gluten-free-icon-xsmall

SWORDFISH | 27 gluten-free-icon-xsmall

HADDOCK | 21 gluten-free-icon-xsmall

SOLE | 27

CHILEAN SEA BASS | 35 gluten-free-icon-xsmall

JUMBO SHRIMP | 24 gluten-free-icon-xsmall

8 oz TOP SIRLOIN | 26 gluten-free-icon-xsmall

12 oz NEW YORK STRIP | 34 gluten-free-icon-xsmall

8 oz FILET MIGNON | 32 gluten-free-icon-xsmall


  • Remouladegluten-free-icon-xsmall
  • Beurre Blancgluten-free-icon-xsmall
  • Maitre d'Buttergluten-free-icon-xsmall
  • Béarnaisegluten-free-icon-xsmall
  • Blue Cheese Crustgluten-free-icon-xsmall
  • Caramelized Onion & Mushroomsgluten-free-icon-xsmall
  • Basil Pesto gluten-free-icon-xsmall


Balsamic Bacon Brussel Sprouts gluten-free-icon-xsmall
Seasonal Vegetable gluten-free-icon-xsmall
Rice Pilaf gluten-free-icon-xsmall

Creamed Spinach gluten-free-icon-xsmall
Baked Sweet Potato gluten-free-icon-xsmall

Tuscan White Bean Kale gluten-free-icon-xsmall

Roasted Mushrooms gluten-free-icon-xsmall

Baked Potato gluten-free-icon-xsmall
Loaded for an additional | 2
Creamy Mashed Potatoesgluten-free-icon-xsmall
Creamy mashed potatoes can be whipped with Lobster for an additional | 3


gluten-free-icon-xsmall Gluten Free Menu Item

What is Gluten Free?

A gluten-free diet is a diet which excludes foods containing gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat (including kamut and spelt), barley, rye, malts and triticale. It is used as a food additive in the form of a flavoring, stabilizing or thickening agent, often as "dextrin." A gluten-free diet is the only medically accepted treatment for celiac disease, the related condition dermatitis herpetiformis, and wheat allergy.
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For parites of eight (8) or more, a 20% gratuity will be added to the check.